Radovan Krejcir: International Criminal and Self-Proclaimed “James Bond”

A Volkswagen Cross Polo sits in an empty bay opposite Money Point on a quiet Wednesday in the suburb of Bedfordview, Johannesburg. Unknown to the people in its vicinity, it is rigged with explosives. A matte black BMW creeps into the parking lot and assumes its usual spot next to the Money Point store. At that moment the remote controlled explosives are triggered and from the behind the license plate of the Cross Polo bullets are fired from an unknown source. This may sound like a scene from a James Bond movie but the life of Czech fugitive, Radovan Krejcir, is terrifyingly real.

Video courtesy of EWN (dated 24 July 2013).


Radovan Krejcir was born on 4th of November 1968 in the Czech Republic. He generated most of his wealth in the 90s during the “Velvet Revolution” and was considered one of the richest people in the Czech Republic before fleeing to the Seychelles and eventually South Africa in 2007. In November 2013 he was formally charged by Czech police with tax fraud to the equivalent of R3 million according to a report published by News24. Krejcir has been associated with numerous underworld figures such as Solly Jackson, Cyril Beeka and murder accused and convicted drug dealer, Glen Aggliotti, an association he fails to deny. When Julian Rademeyer from Rapport asked Krejcir about the nature of this relationship, Krejcir responded; “So what? People find me because they believe I’ve got money, that I’m an opportunity for them, that I can do business with them. So the people are coming…”

On Monday the 5th of May 2014 the trial of Radovan Krejcir resumed. According to an article published by eNCA, he has been charged with dealing in drugs, attempted murder and kidnapping together with 5 co-accused. He has also been charged with murder in an unrelated case. Krejcir has been denied bail four times and remains in police custody.

 The trial continues.